Friday, March 12, 2010

At A Crossroad

Interesting it is, this journey of life that we are on. various twists and turns. Some things we understand, other things we do not. Some stuff we plan, yet we often are faced with the unplanned and unexpected. That fork in the road where we can't see too far down yet know we must pick one side or the other.

That's where I am.

I spent many years as a staunch King James Bible Only person. As far as I was concerned, for us who read and speak English as our first language, if it wasn't the KJV, it wasn't a complete Bible. If the Church wasn't an Independent Fundamental KJVO hymn singing soul winning Church, that it was a social club at best.

Some of you know how I left just that type of Church and wound up in something almost the exact opposite. It was a good church. A non denominational Church where the Pastor carried an NIV (New International Version) but made use of several translations in his sermons. They also sang both contemporary songs and hymns and every week we saw the unsaved become saved. Always at least 5 people a weekend. I soon found myself using the New Living Translation (NLT) and the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) in my studies and postings on line.

Here is where the crossroad is. I have found myself using the KJV almost exclusively. I am also in a church where the English Standard Version (ESV) is the official version and hymns have yet to be sung.

I love where I am right now. Wondering which path I will choose, wondering what lies at the end of each and what sights and sounds each path has in store. I have a church where the worship through song is wonderful. The joy is evident and the people sing out as the Bible commands. The preaching is solid, with application given for us in each message, and a Pastor who isn't worried about tickling ears. Yet I miss the hymns, and on occasion visit a former church just to partake in singing them with a group.

I know I must pray and seek God for direction, as it is only through the leading of the Holy Spirit that I know I can make the right choice here.

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