Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ministry Mutiny - The 6 Principles

A quick word about the principles in Ministry Mutiny. They are not a license nor an OK to rebel against the leaders in ministry that God has placed above you. Nor are the principles designed to be negative towardsa any person or program. It's more a way to show fromt he Bible what is wrong with the current trend in many youth ministries to be entertainment driven, babysitting time killers which may have inncocently been passed down from one generation to another, or maybe recently begun in your own youth group.

As I have read this book I could see Churches I have been a part of in the past and where these same principles could apply to the Church as a whole. I have also been convicted while reading this book and shown how it can also apply to our personal walk with God and, if we have a family, the walk our families have with God.

This list of 6 principles is not in any way a complete list. It would be arrogant to think so. I do hope to discover more, and also hope that if you the reader have discovered one that you would be willing to share it with us so that we can all grow closer to God.

Now, the 5 principles.

1. Listen for God's Whisper
2. Get Real
3. Go Wide
4. Grow Deep
5. No More Outsourcing
6. Build on Values, Not Fads

My prayer as we go through this, is that we will be able to take these principles and apply them to our own lives first and foremost, and then through it all be even stronger witnesses of the life saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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